G.3 T.N.T Slim White Dry Super Strong

G.3 T.N.T Super Strong Slim White Dry comes with a traditional tabacco flavor and a high level of nicotine! This Swedish snus is manufactured by Swedish Match.

Data sheet

IngredientsTobacco, Water, pH Adjuster (E500), Salt, Flavors including smoke flavor
Tobacco weight (g)16.6
Portions / Can24
Available Since2018
Shipping Weight (g)35
Flavor DescrTobacco, Green Herbs, Oak, Cedar and some nutty undertones
Pouch TypeWhite Dry
Nicotine (mg/g)26.0
StrengthUltra Strong
Flavor GroupClassic

More info

General G.3 T.N.T Super Strong Slim White Dry from the super strong series G.3 has a clear and spicy tobacco character with hints of oak, cedar and green herbs. T.N.T has a 30% higher nicotine level compared to G.3 Extra Strong and thanks to the Slim White Dry pouches it also drips 20% less than G.3 Slim White!

To sum it up this is a super strong swedish snus with classic tobacco flavor and of course, with a high quality!