Velo X-Strong Freeze Slim All White

Refresh yourself with the extra strong and minty Velo Freeze X-Strong Slim. These tobacco free nicotine pouches deliver a fresh flavor combination of peppermint and mentol.

Data sheet

Tobacco weight (g)14
Portions / Can20
Net weight (g)14
Available Since2019
Pouch SizeSlim
Shipping Weight (g)34
Flavor DescrMint
Pouch TypeWhite
Nicotine (mg/g)- extra strong -
StrengthExtra Strong
Flavor GroupFresh
Nicotine Weight14.7

More info

Velo Freeze X-Strong Slim changes name to Velo Mighty Peppermint. Same flavor and strength, but now with a new name and design!

Energizing, fresh and minty, three adjectives that describes Velo Freeze X-Strong Slim (FKA EPOK) perfectly. These all white and tobacco free nicotine pouches combine peppermint, menthol and extra strong nicotine kicks (11 mg/portion) in a brilliant way in order to deliver one of the most intense experience available on the market.

These slim-sized nicotine pouches uses a mix of natural plant fibers instead of a classic tobacco blend. This choice of filling comes with some great qualites. There’s no risk of getting stains on your teeth since they stay white throughtout the whole usage. This all white character also keeps the drip at a minimum, which in turn lenghtens the release of both flavor and nicotine.

Our Velo snus is always fresh in stock and you can now order the extra strong and minty Velo Freeze X-Strong Slim online right here at