Faro IceShockX 20

These tobacco free nicotine pouches deliver extremely strong kicks and an intense mint-menthol flavor.

Data sheet

Tobacco weight (g)16.9
Portions / Can13
Net weight (g)16.9
Available Since2020
Pouch SizeLarge
Shipping Weight (g)31
Flavor DescrTobacco
Nicotine (mg/portion)26.0
Pouch TypeWhite
Nicotine (mg/g)20.0
StrengthExtra Strong
Flavor GroupClassic

More info

Prepare yourself for an energetic and exhilarating experience, because the tobacco free Faro IceShockX 20 takes no prisoners. Its white and large nicotine pouches deliver extremely strong nicotine kicks (26 mg/portion) together with an icy burst of mint and menthol. The filling used in these pouches consist of tea leaves and their dry surfaces minimizes the drip. This low amount of drip in turn lengthens the release of both flavor and nicotine.

You can now order the powerful and minty Faro IceShockX 20 online at Snus.us