G.4 TACT Strong Super Slim All White Spearmint

It’s minty, all white and Super Slim. G.4 TACT by Swedish Match delivers a fresh spearmint flavor together with strong nicotine kicks (10 mg/portion).

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Data sheet

IngredientsWater, Stabilizer (E 460), Plantfibers, Humectant (E 422), Tobacco, Vegetable Oil, Salt, pH adjusters (e 525), Flavors, Emulsifier (E 471), artificial sweetener (E 950)
Tobacco weight (g)10,6
Portions / Can20
Net weight (g)23
Available Since2019
Shipping Weight (g)23
Flavor DescrKryddig, Spearmint
Pouch TypeWhite
StrengthStrong - Extra Strong
Flavor GroupFresh

More info

If you’re looking for the snus that is both incredibly discreet and stimulating, look no further because G.4 TACT got exactly what you need and a little more. These all white and Super Slim-portions fits really comfortably under your lip while they deliver a refrehing rush of both spearmint and nicotine (10 mg/portion).

G.4 TACT Strong Super Slim All White Spearmint uses a high quality filling made out of both tobacco and natural cellulose fibers. This innovative filling ensures that the portions remains white at all times, eliminating any potential risk of them staining your teeth. It also gives them a somewhat dry character, which in turn reduces the drip and lenghtens the release of both flavor and nicotine.

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