New FUMI Caribbean

FUMI Caribbean

Tropical fruit and coconut flavored nicotine pouches that deliver medium strong kicks!

Data sheet

Tobacco weight (g)16
Portions / Can20
Net weight (g)16
Available Since2021
Shipping Weight (g)32,5
Flavor DescrTropical
Nicotine (mg/portion)6,4
Pouch TypeAll White
Nicotine (mg/g)8.0
Flavor GroupFruity

More info

The tobacco free FUMI Caribbean treats you to a flavorsome experience inspired by the sunny beaches of the Caribbean. Its all-white and slim nicotine pouches deliver medium strong nicotine kicks (6.4 mg/portion) together with a nuanced flavor that combines tropical fruits with a tasty touch of coconut!

The filling use by its discreet nicopods consists of natural plant fibers. This all-white filling ensures that they won’t stain and that they drip minimally, which in turn enables them to deliver a long-lasting release of both flavor and nicotine.

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