EPOK has become LYFT!

Epok Snus has done a face Lyft (we’re terribly sorry about that pun) and is now completely tobacco free. But don’t worry, Lyft delivers exactly the same refreshing burst of flavor and energizing nicotine-kick. The nifty thing about these tobacoo free nicotine pouches is that they are even whiter than Epok All White portion snus. How does one achieve that? It all comes down to the modern and innovative production process.

Even whiter than before

The small amount of tobacco found in Epok has been removed completely and what’s left is the innovative and quality blend of natural fibers from eucalyptus and pine. This composition provides the same full feel and sensation as any regular Swedish snus, but now since there's no tobacco, there's no more any risk of getting brown stains on your teeth. The final step is to add nicotine and flavor, something that Lyft does brilliantly. The strenght varies from medium strenght to strong and comes in a diverse range of fresh flavors (mint, melon, blueberry, lime and licorice).

The Lyft Experience

These tobacco free and slim nicotine pouches got you covered on all fronts. The slim size of these pouches provides a discreet and comfortable fit. The 100% white character reduces the drip to almost zero which elminates the stain and the need to store the pouches refrigerated in order for them to stay fresh. Combines the low-drip with a quick release of refreshing flavors and stimulating nicotine and you got yourself an exhilarating experience that last for a satisfying long time! Why not take a look around in our webbshop and see for yourself.

Medium strenght (6mg nicotine/portion):

Lyft (FKA Epok) Mint Slim All White

Lyft (FKA Epok) Blueberry Slim All White

Lyft (FKA Epok) Lime Slim All White

Lyft (FKA Epok) Melon Slim All White

Strong ( 10 mg nicotine/portion):

Lyft (FKA Epok) Strong Ice Cool Mint Slim All White

Lyft (FKA Epok) Strong Licorice Slim All White

Lyft (FKA Epok) Strong Lime Slim All White