Shiro Sweet Mint Slim All White

These tobacco free and all white nicotine pouches deliver medium strong nicotine kicks together with a sweet and minty burst of flavor.

Data sheet

IngredientsFillers (E460) Water, Humectant (E460), flavors, flavor enhancers (Salt), nicotine, Ph Adjuster (E500), Portassium Sorbate (E202), thickener (E412)
Tobacco weight (g)12
Portions / Can24
Net weight (g)12
Available Since2019
Shipping Weight (g)26
Flavor DescrMint
Nicotine (mg/portion)6
Pouch TypeWhite
Nicotine (mg/g)- medium -
Flavor GroupFresh

More info

With Shiro Sweet Mint Slim All White you’ll feel a crisp yet sweet burst of mint together with a pleasant and medium strong nicotine kick (6 mg/portion). These all white and 100% tobacco free nicotine pouches incorporates both peppermint and spearmint in order to deliver its refreshingly minty flavor.

The filling used is made out of natural cellulose fibers, which gives Shiro Sweet Mint Slim All White some great and neat qualities. You don’t have to worry about them leaving stains on your teeth since the stay completely white throughout the whole usage. Their somewhat dry character minimizes the drip which in turn ensures that the release of both nicotine and flavor last for a satisfyingly long time. To top it of their slim format makes them discreet and comfortable to enjoy.

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