LYFT Nordic Winter Slim All White

Limited edition! The tobacco free LYFT Nordic Winter deliver a lovely flavor that combines herbs, lavender and berries with hints of spruce and Nordic forest flora.

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Data sheet

Tobacco weight (g)16,8
Portions / Can24
Net weight (g)16.8
Available Since2019
Shipping Weight (g)33
Flavor Descrherbs, flora, lavender,berries, fir, forest
Pouch TypeAll White
Nicotine (mg/g)8.0
Flavor GroupSpecial Flavors

More info

The tobacco free LYFT Nordic Winter Slim is a limited edition release by LYFT. It delivers a long lasting flavor of lavender, herbs, berries and spruce, a flavor inspired by the Nordic forests. This delicious burst of flavor is enhanced by a pleasant and medium strong nicotine kick (6 mg/portion).

It uses a high quality mix of natural plant fibers as filling. This choice of filling gives its discreet and slim nicotine pouches an all white character. This in turn both minimizes the drip and eliminates any potential risk of them staining your teeth.

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