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  • LD 30 Orginal
    LD 30 Orginal

    A tobacco-bergamot flavored snus from LD with 30 original portions...

  • LD 30 Vit
    LD 30 Vit

    A classic flavored LD snus with 30 white portions inside each can!

  • Thunder Black Max
    Thunder Black Max

    Tobacco free and black nicotine pouches with powerful kicks and a cool...

  • VID Coffee Caramel Strong
    VID Coffee Caramel Strong

    An all-white snus with a creamy flavor of coffee and caramelized...

  • Knox Xtra Stark White
    Knox Xtra Stark White

    An extra strong white portion snus from Knox with a classic...



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Showing 1 - 10 of 10 items