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Portion Snus
Today, the most common form of snus is portion snus, i. e. snus that comes in small bags (portions or pouches), similar to teabags. These portions, which come in a variety of sizes and even forms to offer a comfortable fit, are then placed behind the upper lip. As the bags are sealed, the snus will stay in place. You can buy a large variety of fresh Swedish portion snus online at

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  • Original Portion

    Original portion snus pouches, also known as brown portions or even wet portions, are being moistened after they have been filled and sealed. They therefore usually have a faster and stronger flavor and nicotine release than white or white dry portion snus.

    Original portions usually do not last as long as the drier variations (white, white dry) and tend to be more runny. Whether or not one prefers original over white portions (or likes both just equally) depends on individual preferences and even on nicotine tolerance. There's only one way to find out - by trying! ;)

  • White Portion

    Since its introduction in the beginning of the 21st century, white snus portions - which in contrast to original portions aren't being moistened after having been filled - has become increasingly popular. For the growing number of new snusers who have not been users of other types of smokeless tobacco before (most often smokers), the drier and less runny white portion snus format often makes getting used to snus (and off of the smokes) somewhat easier. White portion snus tends to hold the flavor longer than original portions, too - it does however not have the same fast nicotine and flavor release that oriiginal portion snus has.

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Showing 1 - 24 of 207 items